The Rail Milling Machine

Schienenfraese SKL-F als 3D-Rendering, Ansicht der linken Fahrzeugseite.jpg
Schienenfraese SKL-F als 3D-Rendering, Ansicht der rechten Fahrzeugseite.jpg


A processing speed of 2m/min up to 6m/min is possible with SKL-F – finished and in any desired rail profile. Thanks to large tank and bunker capacities, even long shifts are no problem. The crew is happy about the low noise level in the cabin and the standard air conditioning


The SKL-F weighs only 17.5 tons – you can therefore easily transport it over longer distances, and thanks to its compact dimensions, the SKL-F can also be parked on the shortest track between uses


We are bringing together a proven vehicle with the latest technology for rail milling. This is how we combine reliability with future potential and at a very attractive price


With SKL-F you can:
process any kind of rail defects such as head checks in tracks, switches, tunnels and on bridges, process new rails and do all other milling tasks

Milling instead of grinding

SKL-F is a medium-sized rail milling vehicle developed and marketed by BMB Bremer Maschinenbau GmbH for all track networks, which removes all types of surface defects on routes, in tunnels, on bridges and especially in switches and creates a surface quality that conforms to your specifications.

SKL-F is:

  • the cheapest railway vehicle for milling rails
  • with the highest power-to-weight ratio,
  • that meets the world’s highest standards in terms of performance and accuracy of workmanship
  • on all tracks and networks with standard gauge
  • can also be used in turnout processing with radii between 190 and 1,200 meters for reprofiling and head check correction. Lower radii on request.

Due to the used principle of milling technology SKL-F has a higher reproduction accuracy of the rails transverse profile than the grinding technology with a significantly reduced effort for the machine control.

In addition, work and environmental protection criteria such as a noise level of less than 80 dB and the absence of dust emissions speak in favor of using the SKL-F when working in tunnels, on bridges and in inner cities.

The basis of the vehicle is the reliable SKL 26

With this vehicle and the technology, we bring to you:

  • sensible and efficient use for milling in switches and on bridges as well as for small damaged areas up to a length of a few kilometers;
  • the specifications for the residual waviness in the longitudinal direction of the rail and the cross-section accuracy according to EN 13231 are met;
  • the remaining roughness is below the limit criteria specified in the standard;
  • both rails can be machined at the same time and the desired surface quality can be produced using an integrated sanding device;
  • the exhaust gas is cleaned according to the strictest rules and standards;
  • Operation takes place from the cab in both driving and working mode.



New: SKL-F track maintenance
Clip 1: SKL-F
Clip 2: Operating the milling device
Clip 3: Changing the tool
Clip 4: Work process


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